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NHZ Global was established in 2009 I am the CEO and Director of NHZ Global. About myself I was a professional Airforce pilot and followed by a commercial pilot in Qatar Airways. with over 5000 flying hours. Having flown the following types in no particular order



Mig -15

Mig -21

Aluette-III (helicopter)




C-130 Hercules

Airbus 319

A 320- A321



Simulator instructor etc .

I did my Software degree during my flying and also was a tech enthusiast. I decided to open my company for software development and custom outsourcing in 2009 and ever since then have been doing this professionally.

Now I am transitioning to Drone Flying with my company. I am hoping to get some commercial experience therefore passed my A2 CofC and got commercial insurance.

Looking forward..

Aerial Panorama

Aerial Photography


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