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Aerial Photography 

The term aerial photography can be defined as “Airborne Imagery”, which is the process of taking photographs from an aircraft or other flying objects, such as “Drones”. Aerial photography provides unique birds-eye views of a particular object or area, taken from various angles not possible when utilising standard ground photography. 


Construction Project Time-Lapse 

The use of time-lapse photography and video footage is crucial in today’s construction industry, since it enhances project management and tracking of project progress. Also, at an early stage, it provides the client with the ability to identify potential design issues and health and safety hazards. 

This service/process can also be used to showcase a particular project to individuals not involved with the design team, or indeed, with that particular project. 

Additionally, inclusion of time-lapse features in both residential and commercial projects can be collated into a visual archive for clients, permitting those with little construction industry knowledge to update key project milestones such as completion of steel erection sub-structure work, roof installation, etc. 


Building Inspections 

Drone technology permits the safe inspection of buildings or structures of varying height.  

Previously such inspections were conducted manually, requiring the use of working platforms [Scaffolding, ladders, etc] and placing those carrying out the inspection at risk of Health and Safety issues/incidents. The use of drone technology can considerably reduce the client’s costs and minimise the risk of Health and Safety issues, since the majority of inspections are conducted remotely from ground-level, using image-capturing and video clip recording to identify missing, damaged or broken materials and structures. 


3D Building Visualisation Models 

This service is beneficial to those involved in the processes of designing, constructing or refurbishing residential buildings. 

The use of 3D visual modelling permits the client to successfully visualise their end-product before commencement of the construction phase. 

Additionally, the use of 3D modelling can help determine space utilisation, material selection and project finishing materials, since if erroneously chosen/selected, these incur high rectification costs after the building has been completed.

Aerial Photography

Construction Time-Lapse

Visual Building Inspections

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