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Based in North East England and established in 2022, Iris Drones offers professional aerial photography and videography to business and personal clients across the UK. We are fully insured for commercial work, are CAA approved. You will receive friendly and professional service from us at all times, including the following:

  • Our operators will hold a recent clear Enhanced DBS check with barred list

  • We follow all current Covid-19 guidelines and are fully vaccinated

  • We comply with GDPR rules and handle your data carefully. All data will be stored on a password protected and encrypted laptop once removed from the drone. 

Using drones within these areas is hugely beneficial for our clients. Drones offer a cheaper, faster, safer and hassle-free method of achieving the footage you require. Unless for specific reasons, such as access requirements. We do not require you to be present when conducting the work, so there’s no need to wait in for us to arrive or to stay at the venue until we finish.

For inspection work, our visit to the venue will usually take between 30-45 minutes and you will receive the footage within 2 hours of completion. If you require the footage immediately, we can provide you with an SD card of all the video and photos taken upon request for a small additional charge. The transfer of photos is usually almost instant, video transfer will take approximately 5-20 minutes dependent upon the amount of data being transferred to the SD card. 

You will be given a timescale for post-processing work to be carried out after the footage has been collected. This is usually between 24-48 hours after.

We will discuss via email all your needs and requirements for the job you would like us to complete, we will not try and sell you additional services. We can offer you guidance and advice before you come to your decision.

Drone Services

We provide the following high-quality services to both individuals and business customers:

  • General photography and videography

  • Inspections - Roof, chimney, guttering, buildings, etc.

  • Damage inspection

  • Industrial inspections - Including masts, street lighting, wind turbines, etc.

  • Regular progress monitoring of projects

  • Disaster footage - Permitting to access, airspace restrictions, and weather

  • Marketing and advertising

  • Live events

  • Sports training and events

  • Indoor events


We use the best and most reliable drones to ensure you receive excellent service. The drones we use enable us to fly in most areas throughout the UK, including towns, cities, rural, coastline, and industrial areas. We are only restricted by CAA restricted zones, such as near airports. 

Post Processing

If you wish for us to further process your photos and videos to the next level of professional work, we offer post-processing of your images and videos. We use Adobe software such as Lightroom and Photoshop to take your professional work to the next level.

We hope to hear from you soon!!

Aerial Photography

Aerial Videography

Aerial Inspection

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