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FPV and Cinematic Drone Filming Services based in Essex, working in the UK and Europe.

Bird View has been been at the forefront of cinematic aerial filming since 2015. We work with some of the worlds biggest brands and production companies around the world to produce breath-taking content that doesn't just engage viewers but blows them away.

These days anybody can purchase a drone, get a licence and call themselves a drone pilot. However, just because somebody can fly a drone does not mean they can capture cinematic aerial footage.

What makes us unique is that we are award winning film-makers who have learned to fly drones. We understand how to capture the best footage possible at any given time and location. Our years of experience mastering cinematography, being on set and understanding production gives us an advantage over other pilots who have not come from a film-making background.

Professional Aerial Filming and Photography Services based In Essex

Over the last 6 years we have been fortunate enough to film a wide range of different industries including car commercials, manufacturing, promotional films, music videos, fashion commercials, documentaries and much more. We also specialise in indoor FPV drone filming and are able to safely fly around buildings, creating highly engaging virtual tour videos.

Our equipment is always evolving to ensure that we are using state of the art technology that is suitable for any kind of job. We use a range of different drones, from a sub 250g FPV drone capable of filming in 4k and able to fly almost anywhere, to much larger drones capable of capturing cinema grade footage.

Because of our background in film-making and photography, we also offer in-house editing and sound design to make sure your films and photos look better than any of the competition.

We offer a range of different services and are always happy to have a chat to see if we can help out.

Get in touch to see how we can take your production to the next level!

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