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We are a small group of life long friends based in Surrey who have come together to offer a great customer service.

For a business this might sound controversial, but getting paid for what we do is secondary. We do creative work because we enjoy it and we enjoy working with great clients and so far we have been blessed. If we fall flat and don't offer our best, we will refund your money no questions asked. In return, we ask that you work with us and give us your time to plan and implement a great video...its all in the planning you know. We pride ourselves in being friendly and relaxed and we don't go for volume, we want to give full attention to each client. OK, so we aren't spring chickens and we can't produce Hollywood Blockbusters but, we are competitive in our pricing that suits a smaller budget. We have been around the block a long time and we have enormous experience that we bring together to provide you the best service: it simply gets right up our goat if we don't get great service in our own puts our blood pressure right up and that's not good.

Drones are great for show casing events, weddings and promotional work because, if you have the time to stop and look, we have a beautiful country with great buildings, heritage and history with 4 seasons just ripe for higher altitude photo and video work.

We have a small fleet of 6 drones, each equipped to provide specific functions as there isn't a drone yet that can do everything. We also have ground camera and video equipment to provide the complete production package including software to put it all together.

We can provide services for Weddings. It has come to our attention that wedding photographers do offer drone footage, but they typically only have one drone and are not skilled at flying it. We can bring back up drones, batteries, pilots, spares, which means if anything lord forbid goes wrong, we are equipped to deal with it and still get you that special video footage and photographs on that special day, which isn't going to be repeated....except if you are a Hollywood actor or actress, then you can call it a rehearsal for the next one.

We have completed quite a few business promotion videos for web sites and social media and have worked with property agents to get that house sold quickly. We are passionate about great food and our great British institution that is our local pub. Pubs don't have deep pockets to promote their business, which is where we come in as you don't need deep pockets to get a great video. Tell us what your budget is and we will see what we can do for you...and if we can't help you, no need to keep ringing around, we will put you in touch with other drone and production companies that might through our own network of nice people.

So, if it can be photographed, or captured on video, from a height or on the ground and you don't have deep pockets....give us a try. You won't regret it and maybe we will become good friends too.

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