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Professional Quality Aerial Video, Photo and Post Production services based in West Sussex and beyond, providing a diverse multitude of services for many project types.

We are fully licensed and qualified pilots recognised and registered with CAA and holders of A2 CofC licence so you know you have qualified, safe and professional people for the task.

We use only the best DJI Drones and products such as the DJI Mini 2 which shoots in 4K resolution at 24 - 30fps with a Max Flight Mode of 30 minutes, High Dynamic Range and RAW photo images, the drone weighing 249g making this drone perfect for any occasion.

Our Post Production services are extra special, using Adobe Lightroom for image editing, adjusting or correcting colour and brightness, making HDR photos, Panoramas of vast landscapes to object removal.

Compiling your video footage, we use Final Cut Pro X on our high end MacBook Pro's, we can edit content optimised for social media, company branding and promotions material including narrative storytelling for films.

To add that extra finesse, we use Adobe After Affects which will elevate your video footage taking that fantastic shot, into that perfect shot.

Using Adobe After Effects, we can make corrections using Sky Replacement, Remove Unwanted Objects Or People Or Add Something Else Entirely. 3D Assets, Text And Colour Correction.

We our realistic in our pricing and our promise or the level of quality compared to other drone operators or companies and look forward to hearing from you. Our new website is a great place to explore our services and example or in greater detail.

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